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Allied Vision 1 Product Line

The innovative embedded camera platform from Allied Vision has been designed with the embedded vision system designer in mind. It's compact design, feature rich in-camera pre-processing and unique ALVIUM® system on-chip (SoC), make the Allied Vision 1 product line a very good contender in the embedded vision industry.

It provides freedom freedom and flexibility, while setting new standards in quality and performance with it's proprietary processor, tiny size, low power consumption and low cost design.

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Reasons to choose the Allied Vision 1 Product Line


VGA to 21 Megapixels

You are definitely not limited with this product, the Allied Vision 1 Product Line accommodates over 100 current and future sensors. Designed to meet a very wide variety of requirements, it encapsulates the high performance of the latest CMOS sensors from leading manufacturers such as:

  • Sony
  • ON Semiconductor

The portfolio ranges from VGA up to 21 Megapixel resolutions.

MIPI CSI-2 & USB3 Vision

Working with established host interface standards, the 1 product line ensures easy integration.

Options include:

  • MIPI CSI-2
  • USB 3.1

The USB version is compliant with the USB3 Vision standards in the industry.

Control for external system components (such as external triggers or lens control) can easily be achieved by using the general purpose input/output pins (GPIO)

Single Board Design

The low weight is just one of the benefits to the ultra compact single board design.

The unique ALVIUM® system-on-chip (SoC), designed by Allied Vision, completely reinvents the machine vision camera. It overcomes a lot of the problems associated with FPGA-based machine vision cameras, including how bulky they are. The high performance embedded system packs a lot of features into a very small system.

Various Housing Options

The Allied Vision 1 Product Line gives you a lot of housing options, from a bare board right the way through to a completely enclosed camera. There's even different orientations on connector options.

The housing options include:

  • Bare Board
  • Open Front
  • Full Housing

With the USB Camera, depending on the application's constraints, you can choose from a back or side connector.

All of this makes the Allied Vision 1 Product Line a very modular camera!

Low Power

The high power consumption problems associated with the FPGA based cameras are not a problem with the Allied Vision 1 Product Line. The ALVIUM® chip ensures the system only consumes as much power as it needs. So if your application only requires a finite set of the systems functionalities, that's all it will draw the power for. Furthermore, each series of the Allied Vision 1 Product Line has been designed with a pre-selected set of functions, tailored to the to the market segment, ensuring maximum efficiency with very effective power management. So the models with basic feature sets (designed for specific functions) will consume a lot less power than the advanced models.

In-camera Pre-processing

Don't let the tiny package fool you, the Allied Vision 1 Product Line has the capacity to encompass a lot of preprocessing. Each series has a tailored group of performance, image quality and system level feature sets customised to meet most of the target market's requirements.

Image control features include:

  • Auto control
  • Basic control
  • Lens control
  • Image size
  • Image enhancement
  • Image correction
  • Image processing bypass

Camera control features include:

  • Camera maintenance
  • Triggering
  • User interface
  • GPIO control

Camera Data Management features include:

  • Data transmission
  • Data security

Markets & Applications

  • Industrial automation
  • Microscopy
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Traffic / law enforcement
  • Food inspection
  • Packaging inspection
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • General machine vision applications
  • Single PCB design
  • Powered by ALVIUM® technology
  • 4-lane MIPI® CSI-2 interface with D-PHY up to 6 Gbit/s
  • USB3 Vision compliant USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface
  • CMOS sensors from 0.5 to 21 Megapixels
  • C-, S-, and CS-Mount option
  • Designed for embedded vision with ARM board compatibility
  • Bare board and front housing options

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